Healthy Moment: 5 Healthy Living Tips for the Lazy Individual

***If you are serious about changing your lifestyle, please seek professional advice. I am only stating the tips that worked for me with my lifestyle***

One day I aspire to live a very healthy lifestyle brimming with GMO-free delectables, sparkling green juices, and organic errythang.

Unfortunately, at this point in my life I can’t seem to make exercising a regular habit, Whole Foods wants my entire wallet and first born child to afford those prices regularly. I don’t have a terrible diet per say, but I know that I have leaps and bounds to go before I land where I hope to be in the pond that is healthy living.

Thankfully, I’ve managed to compile a list of ways I manage to stay somewhat fit.


Tip #1: Walk a little further

Take the stairs as often as you can without getting ridiculously winded in public. If you are at the mall and you normally park in a garage, try parking on the level below or above the level you actually need to be on and make it a point to take the stairs. If there are no stairs available, park a little farther away and enjoy a quick walk to your destination.


Tip #2: Drink your veggies, don’t eat them!

I love love love green smoothies. I typically blend spinach and kale together with other yummy fruits and vegetables like bananas, apples, peaches, celery, apples, and greek yogurt. I get plenty of greens and I still have room for all the unhealthy things I enjoy eating on a regular basis. Yay me!


Tip #3: Choose your proteins wisely.

I’ll admit it, I enjoy pork. Bacon and sausage are heaven sent. If seasoned well and fried just right, pork can introduce you to a heightened level of ecstasy. But I also know how low the nutritional is in pork so I almost always opt for the healthier meat choice. Almost. Maybe I’ll choose chicken instead of red meat or a leaner cut of red meat instead of the fattier cut (Lord…I love the fat). Sometimes I’ll even choose fish over chicken if I’m feeling dangerous. The point is to make the most health conscious decision without having to skimp on the flavor of the food.


Tip #4: Portion Control

Now this tip is slightly objective because I’ve always believed in eating until you feel satisfied. But eating 4 pounds of food in one sitting is still way too excessive, even if that could be defined as “satisfying.” So for this tip, use your best judgement. If you going to eat something you know that you really should not be eating, having a smaller portion will only make it half as bad.

2012-04-18 enough is enough

Tip #5: Know when Enough is Enough

Despite all of these amazing tips I am giving you, you still need to see a licensed professional to make sure that you are physically sound. Know when enough is enough and it’s time for you to saddle up and visit the local doc. After all, better safe then sorry right?

I hope these tips help you either figure out what do or what not to do with you life or may even a laugh.

Thank you for sharing this not so #HealthyMomentwithMarsha